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Water District 125 is located at:
3460 S 148th ST Suite 110
Tukwila, WA 98168
(206) 242-9547
We are located on S 148th St between Military Rd S and
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King County Water District 125
3460 S 148th ST Suite 110
Tukwila, WA 98168

(206) 242-9547   
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Have a leak?

If you think you might have a leak there is an easy way to check.
Please see the video below provided by Professor H20 and Highline
Water District.
If the video fails to load please click here.

You may qualify for a leak adjustment - contact the office for
details. You must document the repair with receipts or photos.
Have a toilet leak?

If you think you might have a leak in your toilet here is how you can check.

1.  Remove the upper tank lid.
2.  Put 5-10 drops of food coloring in the tank. Put lid back on but don't flush.
3.  After about 10 minutes, look in the bowl. If you see color, you have a leak.
The main causes of a leak are either a "fill valve" that will not shut off or a bad "flapper".

Fill valve problem:
A fill valve problem will cause water to flow over the "overflow tube", either because the water level is set
too high or it won't shut the water off. If you can't adjust the water level lower or can't get the fill valve to
shut off, replace the fill valve. Pedestal fill valves are considered more reliable than the ball and float type.

Bad flapper:
If you had water run into the bowl during the dye test and the water level is not set too high, your flapper is
probably leaking and it should be replaced. If your old flapper has a float on the chain, make sure your new
one does too (or put the old float on the new chain).
When replacing a toilet flapper, remember that it is very important to replace it with the proper flapper
model for your toilet. Using a standard flapper in many 1.6 gallon toilets can make the toilet flush up to 3.5
gallons per flush (except FlushStar models).
            Leak Detection

Visit these links to get help in finding a leak. Leak
information is translated into
English, Spanish,
, Chinese and Somali.

Companies that Provide Leak Detection

  • Akers Landscaping                       206-439-9251

  • American Leak Detection             206-747-7118

  • Jim Guess Construction                360-825-7725

  • Underground Detection                206-282-1866        
$100 Single Family Toilet Rebates as of April 1st, 2017
Good for premium toilets that use 1.1 gallons or less per flush.

Toilets are a household’s biggest water user — old models can use three
to five gallons of water per flush. Consider replacing it with our help! For
a limited time, customers who replace their old, water guzzling toilet with
a new premium model are eligible for a $100 rebate.  Learn more at www.  or by calling (206) 684-SAVE (7283).

See Below For Commercial Rebates
You can also pay your bill by phone 24/7
by calling (844) 719-3091 or for a
live person
our office (206) 242-9547
Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 4:30PM